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Vacuum Pouches

Please follow the links below to the many different types of vacuum pouches that we carry. All the pouches listed on these pages are "stock" pouches except the page with special closeouts. We even have the commercial flat pouches or embossed pouches for home machines available in less than case quantities for the home processor who just can't use a full case of a particular size. We offer a wide variety of materials and pouch types with our custom vacuum pouch section.

All of the pouches on these links are available for online purchase.

Be careful ordering these pouches - they are not returnable because they are used in FDA regulated food plants.

We now have vacuum pouch material available in rolls, both for home machines with a channel and for chamber & retractable nozzle machines without the channel. Special sizes and materials are available for all the flat pouches. Please contact us for a quote.


3 mil Standard Barrier Nylon/Poly Stock Pouches

4 mil Standard Barrier Nylon/Poly Stock Pouches

3 mil Boilable Nylon/Poly Stock Pouches

3 mil Nylon/Poly Stock Pouches with Safe Handling Instructions

Stock Jerky Pouches

3 mil High Barrier Nylon/EVOH/Poly Stock Pouches

3 mil Zipper Nylon/Poly Stock Pouches

Other Stock Pouches

Custom Vacuum Pouches

Bone Guard

Embossed Pouches for Home Type External Clamp Machines

3 mil nylon/poly Rolls for Chamber & Retractable Nozzle Type Machines

Channel Rolls for Home Type External Clamp Machines


We carry several different types of pouches. High barrier EVOH pouches, standard barrier pouches and zipper pouches with or without EVOH. All plastic material has what is called an oxygen transfer rate (OTR). The OTR of the pouch you use for long term storage is important because the longer the product stays oxygen free, the longer it will last. The OTR of the pouch combined with the use of a vacuum sealer to remove the air is the major factor that determines the shelf life of stored food. EVOH is the material designed to decrease the OTR of pouches and make them a higher barrier.

Our best pouches for storage are our 3 Mil High Barrier with EVOH or 3 Mil High Barrier Zipper pouches with EVOH. They have an OTR of 2.3 cc/sq. meter. It is commonly used commercially for smoked and dried items such as jerky, luncheon meats and cheese. Our 3 Mil Standard Barrier pouch has an OTR of 52 cc/sq. meter. This pouch, or its slightly thicker version , the 4 Mil Standard Barrier, is used by most commercial meat processors for meat storage and/or aging after processing.

If you are vacuum packing meat and freezing it you can use the 3 Mil Standard Barrier pouch. The OTR is slowed almost to a stop when the product is frozen and this pouch will virtually eliminate the freezer burn that meat gets (very quickly, I might add) when placed in the freezer in the traditional supermarket stretch wrap film/tray pack.

If you are looking for different materials (thicker, Mylar (PET) Foil, anti-static, mil-spec, etc.) or different types of pouches (stand up, toner bags, anti-static, tubing, etc.) take a look at our custom pouch page.

All the pouches listed above with the exception of the embossed pouches will run on chamber vacuum machines and retractable nozzle vacuum machines ONLY. The embossed pouches and the Channel Rolls are the only pouches that will work on the typical home machines such as Fast Vac, Mini 2010, Best Vac, Foodsaver®, Magic-Vac®, etc.

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