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Vacuum Packing Equipment

Minipack-America MVS-45X Vacuum Chamber Machine

MDT-100 hot water dip tank for vacuum shrink bags

Vacuum packing machines for home use

HACCP Plans for use with Vacuum machines

Vacuum Machine SPECIALS

Vacuum Machine FAQ's

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Table Top Machines

Single Chamber Machines - Floor Models

Double Chamber Machines

Compare Makes of Chamber Machines

Hot Water Dip Tanks for Vacuum Shrink Bags

Vacuum Gusseted Bags - Ideal for Coffee!

Clean Room Compatible Machines

Retractable Nozzle (Snorkel) Machines

Validatable Nozzle Vacuum Sealers

Gas Analyzers - Verify Gas Content In Gas Flushed Packages

Vacuum Bag Loading Accessories

Chamber Machine Parts

Floor model vacuum chamber machines by Minipack-America

AmeriVacS Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Machines

Cleanroom compatible chamber vacuum machine

Tired of paying top dollar for vacuum machines?
  • minipack®-america which is the American distributor of minipack®-torre has machines from small table top models to several sizes of single chamber floor models. Construction is stainless steel with see-through plastic lids. Digital control panel have 9 memorizable programs. Vacuum & gas levels are controlled with an electronic volumetric sensor for precise adjustments-great for packing liquids! Minipack chamber machines a one year limited parts warranty. We have a parts page for the common wear items that you will need to keep your Minipack Chamber Machines in first class condition. Compare machines feature to feature on our MVS comparison page. These are quality machines from one of Italy's top manufactures! Is your health department telling you that you need a HACCP plan to vacuum pack? We have an easy solution!
  • AmeriVacS offers made in the U.S.A. retractable nozzle vacuum machines and chamber vacuum machines that are clean room compatible. The compressed air-driven vacuum pump assures you a clean, dust free environment. With machines up to 50" seal width, the AmeriVacS also work well with selected large food items such as turkeys. AmerivacS also now offers a line of validatable vacuum sealers.
  • Extend Shelf Life.
    • Standard vacuum for most meat/cheese items.
    • Gas Flush for soft, crushable product.
    • Gas Flush for products that don't do well in a vacuum and will last longer in a non O2 atmosphere.
  • Eliminate Dehydration Loss.
  • Eliminate Freezer Burn.
  • Better Looking Product Means More Sales.
  • Medical Supplies
    • Can be irradiated for sterility
    • Tamper Proof
    • Individual packs or "kits"
    • Validatable seals for those type of medical applications
  • Electronic parts
    • Protect from moisture
    • Keep sensitive parts in place
  • Protect parts and other items during transportation and storage
  • Compress blankets and pillows for compact shipping and storage

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