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Table Top Chamber Vacuum Machines

MVS models have changed. Click here for differences.

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Vacuum Machine Specials


All MVS machines with the exception of the MVS-20 are now available with the all new SmarTouch display. The SmarTouch option makes these chamber models HACCP compliant!
MVS XP models are HACCP compliant.

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MVS-20 Chamber Vacuum Machine MVS-20 Chamber Vacuum Machine
One 8.5" Seal Bar
Chamber: 8.75" x 12" x 3" Deep
Pump: BUSCH 5m3/h 1/4 HP 115 volt/5.5A

MVS26 is available with one or two seal bars. MVS-26XII Chamber Vacuum Machine Two 10.5" Seal Bars
Chamber: 10.75" x 16" x 4" Product Height
Pump: DVP 7m3/H .50 HP 115 volt/12A

MVS-31X single chamber vacuum machine from Minipack-America. New body style! MVS-31X Chamber Vacuum Machine
One 12" Seal Bar
Chamber: 12.75" x 11.75" x 6" Product Height
Max Product Length: 9.5" from back of seal bar to rear of chamber.
Vacuum Pump: DVP 7m3/H .50 HP 115 volt/7.5A

MVS-35X vacuum machine from Minipack-America MVS-35X Chamber Vacuum Machine
One 12" Seal Bar
Chamber: 13" x 13.75" x 7.5" Product Height
Max Product Length: 11.75" from back of seal bar to rear of chamber.
Vacuum Pump: Busch 12m3/H .75 HP 115 volt/10A

MVS-45X Chamber Vacuum Machine. One 17-3/4 inch seal bar MVS-45X Chamber Vacuum Machine
One 17.75" Seal Bar
Chamber: 18" x 18" x 9" Product Height
Max Product Length: 16" from back of seal bar to rear of chamber.
Vacuum Pump: BUSCH 24m3/H 1.25 HP 115 Volt/17A

MVS-45X Chamber Vacuum Machine. One 17-3/4 inch seal bar MVS-45XII Chamber Vacuum Machine
Two 17.75" Seal Bars
Chamber: 18" x 18" x 9" Product Height
Distance between bars: 14"
Vacuum Pump: BUSCH 24m3/H 1.25 HP 115 Volt/17A

MVS-41XP chamber vacuum machine from Minipack-America MVS-41X Chamber Vacuum Machine
One 24.5" Seal Bar and Two 12" Seal Bars
Chamber: 29" x 13.5" x 4" Product Height
Distance between left & right bars: 25"
Vacuum Pump: BUSCH 24m3/H 1.25 HP 115 Volt/19A

Chamber Vacuum Machines
These are the work horses of the food packaging industry! They are simply a stainless steel box (chamber) with a seal bar(s) to seal the pouch. The air is pulled from the entire chamber during the vacuum process, the bag is sealed and then the air is let back in the chamber. Most chamber machines can be set up to gas flush (see below) which is inserting an inert gas back into the pouch after the air is taken out. Because the entire pouch is in a vacuum, chamber machines use standard "flat" commercial vacuum pouches. All our vacuum pouches with the exception of the embossed pouches will work with the chamber machines. If you have a longer product than will fit in the chamber, you can use an embossed pouch on the outside of the chamber. Because the pouch doesn't get tight until after the pouch is sealed, chamber vacuum machines work great for vacuuming liquid and/or product that has a lot of liquid in it. The Minipack MVS series of machines all have a slanted liquid tray available to help you package liquids. Most models now have the SmarTouch option available which includes the HACCP Portal and makes implementing a HACCP plan easier.

Special Applications for Chamber Machines: Besides vacuum packing in the normal vacuum pouches, there are a couple of special techniques that will work with our MVS model chamber machines.
Product too long or too tall to fit inside chamber? A simple solution is available. Use an embossed channel pouch from the outside of the machine. If your seal bar has a cut-off wire, you will need to turn the bar around so the cut-off wire is toward the inside of the machine. Then just place the open end of the pouch across the seal bar from the OUTSIDE, close the lid and vacuum as usual. The special pouch will allow the air to be removed and the machine will seal it. You can't use a wider pouch than will fit on the seal bar but length is then not an issue!
Vacuum canning jars. There is quite a bit going around the internet about using the MVS chamber machines for sealing canning jars. It can be done! But please remember the jars must be able to fit under the lid when closed or you can break your jars and/or your lid! Also, vacuum sealing like this is not a substitution for canning with heat. Just like product vacuum packed in a pouch, the process in the jar does not make a product shelf stable. So food products that would normally need to be refrigerated or frozen will still have to be refrigerated if done in a jar. This process works really well for items like nuts, grains, coffee, etc.

Gas Flush is available on most of the Minipack MVS series chamber vacuum machines. It is used in applications that need all the air (which is about 20% oxygen) removed but can't have the tight package that full vacuum produces. By injecting an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, you can get a package that has all the oxygen removed but is not drawn down tight on your product. This is commonly called a "pillow" pack. The best example I can think of a pillow pack is potato chips. When you try to push a potato chip bag together you will feel the pillow of gas that's inside keeping the chips from being crushed. Machines with gas flush have nozzles near the seal bars that you have to place the open end of the pouch over.

Explanation of NEW MVS models
Minipack has simplified the MVS line of vacuum machines. We no longer have any of the older type standard machines with no added letter in the name. The X models are now the only model but have available the XP option which turns them into a XP version. I'll try and explain the differences here.

Standard or old body style MVS machineThe standard or old style machines have a rather straight case. There is no letter X in their name. They have nine programmable vacuum programs, a LED display that shows percent of vacuum plus is used with programming, an oil change reminder is pre-programmed into the display, machine calibration is built in but not automatic. There is very little difference besides the looks between the older standard and the X model machines. These standard model machines are no longer available, I show them here just so you can see the progression of machine design.

Minipack x-model vacuum machinesThe X model machines have the new, more modern curved front. These models are designated with the letter X (not XP) in their name. They feature a membrane switch keyboard that is stuck on the front of the body to prevent moisture from getting into the electronics, ten programmable vacuum programs, a LED display much like the older model standard machines, an oil change reminder, auto-calibration mode, safety system against the risk of seal bars overheating.

MVS XP models are HACCP compliant.
Minipack X-model MVS vacuum machines have the new, sleek lines.The XP option is now available on all X model machines. This option turns the X model into, for all practical purposes, a XP machine! This option on the machine has been designed with the FDA vacuum packing rules regarding traceability in mind. You can obtain, for any single vacuum packaging cycle, a label where the essential processing information is printed. XP versions have 100 programmable vacuum programs, a liquid crystal display, an oil change reminder, auto-calibration mode, safety system against the risk of seal bars overheating. The XP features make these these models HACCP Compliant! Ask us about the Minipack HACCP Portal.
  • Liquid Crystal Display - More information relative to packaging, simple to use, allows rapid program setting.
  • Machine Diagnosis - Able to diagnose technical problems directly from the display without opening machine.
  • Printing function - Categories, sub-categories, gas mixtures, expiration date
  • Choose to print or not to print
  • Moisture Quick Stop & Hot Food Cycle - Easily allows liquid filled bags and bags with hot food in them to be vacuumed to the proper level.
  • Easy Pulse function - Operator can easily select pre-set stored functions with pre-set parameters.
  • Electronic Soft Air - With several speed levels for the gradual air return into the chamber for products with sharp or rough edges.
  • Pump Conditioning Program - Runs vacuum pump without operating machine to help eliminate any liquid in the oil emulsions or when pump has not been run is some time.
  • External Vacuum option - Create vacuum in container outside machine by connecting to pipe from chamber.
  • Set Vacuum in percent of vacuum or in mbars - Professional chefs will find this very useful.

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