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How to Choose the Proper Bag Sealer

Flow Chart for Choosing Sealer    More Differences in Sealers    Parts for Impulse Sealers

How to Choose a Sealer:
Use this quick and easy flowchart to help determine what sealer works best for your application. Different types of sealers are listed here.
Remember: You are always welcome to contact us with your bag type and we can help determine the best sealer for the job. The four main questions we will ask are:
  1. What type of volume are you looking to seal?
  2. What is the thickness of the material and material composition?
  3. Dimensions of the bag?
  4. Weight of the bag when filled with your product - this is most important only if they you looking at band sealers.
How to choose a sealer

Different Types of Sealers:
There are two major types of sealers: Impulse and direct or constant heat. Impulse sealers have an element that is heated for an "impulse"...a second or two. The direct heat sealers have metal jaws on both sides that are heated up with thermostatically controlled heaters. They typically have a wider seal than an impulse sealer. I'll cover each type below.

Impulse Sealers: These are available in hand, foot and automatic sealers. Hand sealers are the simplest sealers designed for fairly low volume. Hand sealers look like a big stapler and sit on a table. Foot sealers sit on the floor on a pedestal. You can hold the bag/product in both hands, using your foot to make the seal. Can do higher volume with a foot sealer than a hand sealer. The third type is an automatic (auto) sealer. This sits on a table and has two modes of operation, auto and manual. On auto mode, you program in the length of time between seals and it will cycle automatically. In manual mode, you press an electric foot switch to make the seal. Auto sealers can do more volume than the other impulse sealers. Hand and foot sealer may be ordered with a built in cutter for trimming bags or working with tubing. Foot and auto sealers also come in "double" impulse which puts sealing elements on both sides of the sealing bars for sealing thicker materials or side gussetted bags.

Direct Heat Sealers: Also known as Constant Heat Sealers. Auto and foot-operated direct heat sealers seal all types of thermoplastic packaging material, but especially ideal for thicker material such as coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper, cellophane, mylar, coated PP. Depending on the model of the sealer, material up to 16" wide and 20 mil thick can be sealed. The meshed seal width is 15mm. Equipped with a thermostat or an electronic thermo controller that accurately controls the temperature from 30°-550°F (0°-300°C). Both jaws are heated simultaneously resulting in better heat penetration to seal thicker material.
Band Sealers: Another form of direct heat sealer is the band sealer which is generally used for a larger volume sealing operation. Our stainless steel industrial grade band sealers are ideal for sealing thermoplastic materials (PP, PE, laminates) of any size and length. We carry both horizontal band sealers (bags lay flat on the conveyor) and vertical band sealers (bags are in a standing position on conveyor) which allow our band sealers to be used in a wide range of applications and industries. Speeds of band sealers are considerably faster than other types of sealing (up to 472 inches per minute).

Hand Impulse Sealers available in lengths from 4 inches to 59 inches.
Hand Impulse Sealers

Available in 4" - 59" lengths.
Foot Impulse Sealers available in 12 inch - 35 inch models
Foot Impulse Sealers

Available in 12" - 35" lengths.
Automatic Impulse Sealers available in 12 inch to 32 inch lengths
Automatic Impulse Sealers

Available in 12" to 32" lengths.
Direct Heat Foot Sealers available in 12 inch to 24 inch lengths
Direct Heat Foot Sealers

Available in 12" - 24" lengths.
Direct Heat Auto Sealers available in 8 inch to 24 inch lengths
Direct Heat Auto Sealers

Available in 8" - 35" lengths.
Continuous Band Sealers
Continuous Band Sealers

For the higher sealing volume projects.

Having problems with an existing impulse sealer? We have a troubleshooting guide. Also, many of the standard features of our sealers including actual seal length and materials sealed can be found here.

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