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This page: FRM-1120LD Heavy Duty Band Sealer   

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Seal bags, pouches, etc. with greater speed and output!
The band sealers on this page are designed for heavy duty sealing quickly and economically. One of these is horizontal and the other is a vertical feed model. We also have quite a few additional band sealers available.
Band sealers are easy to operate: Turn on the power & fan and set the temperature on the temperature controller. When the preset temperature has been reached, place the bag at the positioning plate bag guide and guide it into the sealing rollers. The sealing bands carry the bag through the unit to seal the bag. Sealed bag is released at end of sealer. No pushing or pulling is required.


FRM-1120LD Heavy Duty Vertical Band Sealer
FRM-1120LD Heavy Duty Band Sealer

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The FRM-1120LD is designed to quickly and efficiently seal any thermoplastic material including PE, PPE, stand up pouches, gusseted bags and moisture barrier bags. This sealer can also be used in a wide array of fields such as: food, medical, and cosmetics industries. The vertical seal head makes this sealer suitable for any products including liquids and will support 11 lbs. per bag up to a maximum conveyor load of 33 lbs. Comes with spare parts kit. The machine size with conveyor is 57" x 27" x 58". We have a spec sheet available for this style of band sealer. This unit is now being stocked for faster shipping. Ships by truck.


  • Durable stainless steel construction, free standing.
  • Adjustable height of both sealing head and conveyor belt providing maximum capacity of bag sizes.
  • Easy to operate, minimal operator training required, fast warm up time.
  • Vertical configuration makes this suitable for any product including liquids and grains.
  • Solid state digital temperature controller that maintains the seal bars at a proper temperature for consistent seal quality.
  • Fully adjustable conveyor (conveyor's height and depth in relation to seal bars can be adjusted.)
  • Dry ink coding allows for date and lot coding. Standard is 18pt and two lines; optional 10.5pt and three lines. 20 characters per line.
  • Spare Parts Kit Includes: PC Board, PTFE Belt, Wheel Belt, Carbon Brush, and Type.
  • Length of filled bag: 3.9" - 27.0".
  • Sealing direction is right to left.

Max. Seal
Seal Width
Conv. Size
Max. Load
Temp. Range Watts Speed/Dir. Ship From Weight DCE Price Order Parts Ordering
20 mil
55" x 10"
11 Lbs. Each(up to 33 lbs. total)
0-300°C 970 Up to 315"/min
R to L
Northridge, CA 344 lbs. net/517 lbs. shipping $2,850.00 Order Parts for FRM-1120LD

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