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Vacuum Sealers for Home & Light Commercial Use

Vacuum packaging machines for the home user and small commercial operations.

Several types starting around $100 that can meet a wide variety of vacuum packing requirements. See our Vacuum Sealer FAQ's page for a complete explanation about the three basic types of vacuum machines and what works best for different applications. The three basic types are listed below:

  • External Clamp (Snorkel) machines are the least expensive vacuum machines.

  • External Clamp (Pouch) machines are easier to use than the snorkel type but require a more expensive vacuum pouch.

  • Chamber machines are more expensive but will vacuum liquid and use the less expensive flat commercial vacuum pouches. Plus chamber machines are true commercial quality machines.

Reasons to Vacuum Pack Food:

  • Foods will maintain their freshness and flavor 3-5 times longer than with conventional storage methods because they don't come in contact with oxygen.

  • Freezer burn is eliminated.

  • Moist foods stay moist.

  • Reduced food expenses because food last longer and less will need to be thrown away.

REMEMBER: Vacuum packing is NOT a substitution for refrigerating or freezing foods that need it. Foods that normally need to go in the refrigerator or freezer still need to go there when vacuum packed!

Parts for SINBO, Best Vac, Fast Vac vacuum sealers: Click here.

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SINBO DZ-280/2SE model with canister for liquids and powders
2 SINBO Models 4mm Seal

External Clamp (Snorkel)
Snorkel Home Machine
Uses Std. Flat Pouches
As low as $89.00

PolyScience External Vacuum Sealers

External Clamp (Pouch)
One Model Available with Pouches
Uses Embossed Pouches

Pro-2300-3000 Stainless steel vacuum machineS. Use embossed vacuum pouches
PRO-2300 & PRO-3000
External Clamp (Pouch)
Adjustable Seal Time
Stainless Steel
Uses Embossed Pouches
From $419.99

Chamber Vacuum Machines - Uses standard flat vacuum pouches
Chamber Vacuum Machines

7 Table Top Models
Uses Std. Flat Pouches
From $1,616.00

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