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Vacuum Sealers for Home & Light Commercial Use

Sinbo Parts

We get many calls from both home users and small commercial users asking "what's the best vacuum machine for my needs?" That question is sometimes hard to answer! We now have a variety of machines starting under $100 that can meet a wide variety of vacuum packing requirements. We get asked every day what the differences are with the various types of machines we carry. We've set up a Vacuum Sealer FAQ's page so you can find out more about the three basic types of vacuum machines and what works best for different applications. Need parts for Best Vac, Fast Vac, Sinbo, etc. vacuum sealers? Call us at 559-539-3076 or email Doug Care.

SINBO snorkle type vacuum machine - Uses standard flat vacuum pouches.
2 SINBO Models 4mm Seal

External Clamp (Snorkel)
Snorkel Home Machine
Uses Std. Flat Pouches
From $106.00
PolyScience External Vacuum Sealers

External Clamp (Pouch)
Two Models Available with Pouches
Uses Channel Type Pouches
From $99.95
  Pro-2300 Stainless steel vacuum machine. Uses embossed vacuum pouches
External Clamp (Pouch)
Stainless Steel
Uses Channel Type Pouches
Pro-3000 Stainless steel vacuum machine. Uses embossed vacuum pouches
External Clamp (Pouch)
Adjustable Seal Time
Stainless Steel
Uses Channel Type Pouches
MVS-20 chamber vacuum machine - uses standard flat vacuum pouches

Chamber Machine
One 8.5" Seal Bar
MVS-26 Chamber Vacuum Machine - uses standard flat pouches

Chamber Machine
2 10.5" Seal Bars
MVS-31 Chamber Vacuum Machine - Uses standard flat vacuum pouches

Chamber Machine
12" Seal Bar
mvs-45 single chamber vacuum machine. one 17-3/4 inch seal bar - Uses standard flat vacuum pouches

Chamber Machine
One 17-3/4" Seal Bar

SINBO Vacuum Sealers now come in two model types to fit all types of applications. Both now have a wide 4mm seal. The Sinbo models are a small, affordable vacuum packer for home use. Uses the less expensive standard flat vacuum pouches.
Maximum Bag Opening: 11"

Sinbo 280/2sd vaccum sealer now with 4mm wide seal
DZ-280/2SD Model
SINBO DZ-280/2SE model with canister for liquids and powders
DZ-280/2SE With Liquid Canister

For vacuum packing food and other products at home!
Two SINBO models:
  • DZ-280/2SD - a single, wider 4mm seal width machine for sealing thicker pouches; best home vacuum sealer for mylar/foil bags.
  • DZ-280/2SE - A filter canister allows this unit to seal liquids and powders. This also has the wider 4mm seal.
The SINBO is an External Clamp (Snorkel) Vacuum Machine

Includes approximately 30 vacuum pouches
DZ-280/2SD One 4mm wide seal 8 Lbs. $106.00
DZ-280/2SE Filter canister to vacuum liquids & powders 9 Lbs. $135.00
Quantity discounts available, one model shipped to the same address:
  • DZ-280/2SD: $98.00 for 3, $89.00 for 6 or more.
  • DZ-280/2SE: $130.00 for 2, $120.00 for 4 or more.
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SINBO vacuum machine and 500 3 mil assorted vacuum pouches
We will include the following sizes (we will substitute sizes/types if necessary):
100 2.5" x 10" 3 mil pouches (good for snack sticks, nuts and trail mix)
100 8" x 10" 3 mil pouches
100 10" x 13" 3 mil pouches
100 8" x 12" 3 mil boilable pouches
100 8" x 10" 3 mil high barrier zipper pouches
This package saves you more than $60 from our less than case prices!
Choose the "100 each 5 sizes bags +45.00" option above to receive this special offer.

Freight will be added to these prices plus applicable sales tax (California addresses only.)
DZ-280/2SE and DZ-280/2SD (NEW) Repair Kit 1 Element 11-3/4" and 2 PTFE Adhesives
(See picture to determine correct part)
RK-11V-DZ280/2SE-B Repair kit includes one 4mm x 11-3/4 inch element and two PTFE Adhesives 18.00 Qty 
DZ-280/2SD (OLD GENERATION) Repair Kit 1 Element 13" and 2 PTFE Adhesives
(See picture to determine correct part)
RK-11V-DZ280/2SD-A Repair kit includes one 4mm x 13 inch element and two PTFE Adhesives 18.00 Qty 
All Red Compression Rubber Upper Jaw 3/8" DZ-280-33 DZ-280-33 Red compression rubber upper jaw for all DZ-280 SINBO models 10.00 Qty 
All Red Compression Rubber Lower Jaw 1/4" DZ-280-34 DZ-280-34 Red compression rubber lower jaw for all DZ-280 SINBO models 5.00 Qty 
All Black Foam Rubber Upper Jaw DZ-280-43 Black foam rubber upper jaw all Sinbo DZ-280 models 8.00 Qty 
DZ280/2SE & Current DZ280/2SD Upper Jaw Complete
Includes Red Compression Rubber & Black Foam
Compare the different types.
DZ-280-42-GEN2.0 Sinbo Upper Jaw complete with foam and red rubber for DZ-280/2SE and later 2SD models 36.00 Qty 
DZ280/2A & Early DZ280/2SD Upper Jaw Only
Plastic Jaw Only! No rubber parts.
Compare the different types.
DZ-280-42-GEN1.0 SINBO upper jaw only for DZ-280/a 30.00 Qty 
DZ280/A & Early DZ280/2SD Lid Latch, Small Black 24A/B-DZ-280LIDLATCH Small black lid latch for DZ-280/A and early model DZ-280/2SD vacuum machines 3.00 Qty 
DZ280/2SE & Current DZ280/2SD Lid Latch, Larger White DZ-280-24-GEN2.0 White lid latch for DZ-280/2SE and later DZ-280/2SD 8.00 Qty 
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Sinbo Home Snorkel Vacuum Machine

If video not showing on mobile device, search for 2ljBxbbNOcY in YouTube app.

DZ-280/A Home Snorkel Vacuum Machine

Sinbo snorkel vac controls   Sinbo snorkel vac controls

The snorkel (shown in detail above) is pulled into the bag with the vacuum lever which also starts the vacuum pump. When vacuum level is reached the snorkel is removed and the sealing process starts. The seal is a double seal and is adjustable for different thicknesses of bag material. Maximum bag seal width is 11.5". This economical vacuum machine uses STANDARD commercial vacuum pouches and rolls, not the very expensive ribbed pouches used by most small competitive machines.
NOTE: The pictures and video above show the original Sinbo 280/A. The current model 280/2SD looks and works exactly the same except it has a 4mm wide seal instead of two 1mm seals.

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